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On Tuesday, a Kimoji Instagram account launched featuring some NSFW photos of what appears to be Kim wearing her a festive red bra and underwear set emblazoned with Savage on the trim. (You probably recall the Savage bike shorts she debuted this summer ). The account is also verified, which means its not a prank. A photo posted by KIMOJI (@kimoji) on Dec 13, 2016 at 8:51pm PST The account (which has over 2,000 followers) also features a #triplegram of the same blurry video in which Kim (or her digital likeness) shakes her famous behind wearing a black bottom. All the content is captioned December 16, which means the new #Kimoji merch drops this Friday. (Have your credit cards ready.) A video posted by KIMOJI (@kimoji) on Dec 12, 2016 at 9:37pm PST This marks the first time the star has been seen on social media since her harrowing Paris robbery in October . While her personal account (with 88.9 million followers) has been inactive since for the past 10 weeks, Kim has liked most of the photos posted on the new Kimoji account. A source told PEOPLE that Kim and husband Kanye West , who was recently hospitalized for exhaustion and has since traveled to New York City to meet with Donald Trump , will be spending the holidays together this year , despite the current strain the last few months has left on their marriage. Kim still denies they are getting a divorce, but things are definitely not great between her and Kanye, the insider told PEOPLE, adding that the couple has spent little time together since his release from the hospital. Kim acts annoyed.

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Crowd of generic people The committee said support needed to be more accessible to those at risk. One bereaved mother who gave evidence said to the committee said: "My son wasn't hard to reach, it was the services that were hard to reach." The group of MPs called for the NHS to "embrace innovative approaches" such as online services. The MPs' report also said GPs needed more training in spotting people at risk of suicide and that there should be more support after patients are discharged from psychiatric services. "Irresponsible" reporting Dr Sarah Wollaston, the committee's chair, said: "4,820 people are recorded as having died by suicide in England last year, but the true figure is likely to be higher. "Suicide is preventable and much more can and should be done to support those at risk." The group of MPs also attacked "irresponsible" reporting of suicide by the media that leads to "copycat behaviour" by those at risk of taking their own lives. The government's revised suicide prevention strategy is due to be published in January. However, the committee said government needed to do better than last time as "the government's 2012 suicide prevention strategy has been characterised by inadequate leadership, poor accountability and insufficient action". A Department of Health spokeswoman said: "Every death by suicide is a tragedy and devastating for families, friends and communities. "We are investing almost 1bn in providing mental health support in A&E and home-based crisis care and are currently updating our suicide prevention strategy, which we are confident will address many of the issues raised by the committee." Ruth Sutherland, the chief executive of the Samaritans, said: "People are continuing to die and suicide prevention is still not being prioritised.